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Seattle Area Features


What's my best route?
  • Quickly see the best freeway route to your destination
  • Find out if congestion is local or widespread
  • Over 400 pieces of color-coded information


Smooth sailing or angry snarl?
  • Use the "View Cameras" feature to see live snapshots of freeway conditions
  • Easily select from over 90 cameras by freeway route or  most popular cameras
  • Camera images are updated every five minutes - day and night


Get the official word...
  • View detailed and timely traffic information from the Washington State DOT
  • Each alert describes where an incident has occurred, whether it has been verified by the DOT, and if response vehicles are on the scene
  • Know before you go and avoid traffic delays

No other service brings you the traffic information you need, when you need it!

It's so easy to use and costs just pennies a day.  Click here to register online now.







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